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One piece spoilers

This One Piece article is based on spoilers. Only those interested in spoilers should take a read. The first wave One Piece spoilers are finally here. But what will astound readers more about the upcoming chapter is the revelation that Kaido has a son.

Yes, this is the first time we are hearing about Kaido having a son. Never in any previous chapter was Kaido hinted to having a son.

Possible One Piece Spoilers!! Zoro Opens Eye VS Jack & Major Character Death?! One Piece 841 +

Some fans on Reddit even argue as to the reason why this son of Kaido was never mentioned. But from the initial conversation Kaido had with someone, it seems like having a son is not a secret.

One Piece Wiki:Guidebook/Spoiler Rules

However, it seems pretty obvious that Kaido does not have a very good relationship with him. This provokes the question: does this son have anything to do with what Big Mom said Kaido owes her from a long time ago?

It is almost too difficult to think that Kaid and Big Mom would have that kind of relationship. But we cannot disregard the fact that the two of them were at a time on the same crew. In the cover story, Lola and Chiffon are finally reunited. As it turns out, both of them were in Dressrossa after all.

Also, X-Drake and the rest of the Flying Six headliners arrive. They will most probably be the third strongest wave of enemies the alliance will face before reaching Kaido. I wonder, however, what Drake will do. The instruction from Akainu is not to meddle with the affairs of Wano. For more Anime and manga content, readers may route here.

Image credits: One Piece official Twitter account.The tale of Oden has finally concluded and fans are still basking in the glory of this legendary man. It has consistently outsold every other manga for more than 14 years. Init sold more than 12 million copies. It is a part of the Big 3 series, besides Naruto and Bleach.

One Piece has always been praised for having the best worldbuilding amongst all manga, incredibly unique character designs and impeccable storytelling.

One Piece is currently in the Third Act of the Wano arc. Due to ambiguity in translation in One Piece Mangafans believed One Piece will to return to the present storyline. However, the flashback is still there.

So the spoilers have finally been released guys. We see Momonosuke and Hiyori spending quality time with their father.

Oden speaks highly of Zou and how great allies the Minks are. Shinobu gives them weapons and they cut through all the enemies that try to stop them. The scabbards keep running but Denjiro and Ashura stay back to delay the enemies. In Kuri, Beast pirates surround the castle and Kaido chokes Momonosuke. The castle is set on fire and Kaido leaves Momo to die in it. However, the Scabbards arrive on time. Lady Toki sends them to the future and entrusts Hiyori to Kawamatsu.

Lady Toki then escapes on horseback and goes to Bakura Town.

one piece spoilers

She remembers her conversation with Oden, where he said that the reason Toki traveled years to the future is going to take place in 20 years.

In Bakura, Toki delivers the prophecy of the Kozuki uprising 20 years later. Elsewhere, Orochi is scared and wants to see the bones of the Kozuki Samurai. Ashura is still alive. Kawamatsu tries to cheer up Hiyori.

Denjiro is consumed by anger. Denjiro changes his appearance and comes to Flower Capital.

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He quickly gathers some followers and he assumes the identity of Kyoshiro. Kyoshiro becomes the successor to Boss Hyogoro and people name him Napping Kyoshiro. He is also revealed to be the Ushimitsu Kozo. She easily recognizes him as Denjiro. Hiyori then assumes the identity of Komamurasaki and now we all wait for the release of One Piece manga raw scans and spoilers.

Denjiro is revealed to be Kyoshiro!!! And, it solidly confirms that Komamurasaki is indeed Hiyori. We expect One Piece to be either the final chapter of the flashback, or the chapter to return to the present timeline. We believe Act 3 will end within the next few weeks. Act 4 spoilers are still hard to predict. Orochi strategically cut off the pathway for the rebels and Kyoshiro knows that. He will be the one to send his members everywhere to gather everyone as Orochi is going to Onigashima.

We also believe that there might be a coup-de-tat on Orochi. What happened to Lady Toki? Did she die in Bakura town?One Piece is one of the most popular anime and manga out there, and this week, One Piece gave us one of the biggest Spoilers with One Piece Manga Chapter The manga is yet to release officially however the spoilers for the chapter were already released online. As we all know, One Piece is currently in the Wano arc and we are reaching the final battle as of now, and week by week we are receiving major spoilers as well as the conclusion to unanswered One Piece questions and theories, one of which revealed the traitor among the Scabbards, that was Kanjuro.

Kaidou — One Piece Garp and Gol D. Aside from that in the recent chapter, they are pushing toward Onigashima, Eustass Kidd and Monkey D. Luffy went ahead and funny thing is that Law already had an idea this would happen, so he made his plan according to that. On the other hand, Momonosuke will be arriving on Onigashima by the end of One Piece Chapter or One Piece Manga Raw spoilers and scans are released a few days earlier but they are all from the illegal platforms.

We will update you one the chapter is released. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery.

one piece spoilers

Forgot your password? Get help. One Piece. Updated: April 10, By Sohel Moldharia.

one piece spoilers

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MTV Love School is a reality show that focuses on the relationships More Articles Like This. One Piece ends the long ongoing flashback for One Piece manga, and we are now moving onto the present, the upcoming chapter has Power isn't determined by your size but the size of your heart and dreams!

These inspirational words are said by none other One Piece Suzail Ahmed - February 10, 0. One Piece is manga is releasing the most amazing chapters recently but unfortunately, there isn't one coming out this week, One Piece chapterAs a child, Monkey D.

Luffy dreamed of becoming the King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like rubber…at the cost of never being able to swim again!

Now Luffy, with the help of a motley collection of pirate wannabes, is setting off in search of the "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world Questions RSS. Gray Man Dr. Not a member? Register now! Like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter! Check out our new tumblr page. Event News: One Piece Awards has concluded. Check the results Here! Let us know! Score 4. Translators Close. Summary and Preview As a child, Monkey D.

Nov 20, Review by r3born Spoiler alert ahead! Thanks cnet One Piece is a story of a young pirate named Luffy. He was inspired by Shanks, a great pirate whom he admired and later goes on his quest to become the Pirate King.The raid on Onigashima will take place as planned!

One Piece Chapter revealed Kanjuro to be the traitor and just when all hope seemed lost, Luffy and his allies appeared! The fans are extremely excited by all the new revelations. The scabbards have discovered the traitor in the midst. However, there will be a break next week and so, One Piece will be delayed. Let us quickly recap the event of One Piece before we start with One Piece manga spoilers and raw scans.

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On Tokage Port, Kanjuro surprises Shinobu and restrains her using his painted snakes. He captures Momonosuke but is surprised to see the arrival of Luffy and the allied forces.

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He wonders why Law is out of prison and whether Orochi ignored his information. Aboard the Thousand Sunny, Franky gloats about the sturdiness of the ship and says only the sails needed repair. All the Straw Hats are safe on Merry and they wonder why none of the other allies and weaponry have arrived at the promised point. Kinemon apologizes for the traitor and the leak of information.

The Beast pirates reveal that they destroyed all the bridges and boats of the allies on orders from Orochi. They say that it is impossible to reach Onigashima without a boat and once the allies miss this chance, it will be gone forever. And after the banquet, all rebels will be executed. The Big Mom — Kaido alliance will be undefeatable. As everyone is weary of Kyoshiro, he identifies himself to be the Yakuza and an ally of the Rebel forces.

He requests to be accepted in the raid. He reveals that he is Denjiro and recalls the Mountain God incident and Kinemon recognizes him. Kyoshiro has brought men with him. Kyoshiro says that Kinemon is a very decisive person.

Lord Yasuie changed the coded message indicating port Habu. But Kyoshiro was aware of the traitor and changed the location to Port Tokage. The allies and weaponry was safe at Hato. In the hilarious final panel, Kinemon realizes that he had to read the message as Hato instead of Tokage and now we wait for the One Piece Manga Chapter release. Shinobu is defeated so easily. How strong does this make Kanjuro?On this wiki, we generally add information from new chapters once they are officially released, and do not add information from unofficial spoilers and scanlations.

You may be unsure about when, where, and how chapters are officially released and how to tell official releases from spoilers, so this page is here to explain the differences and rules.

Edits containing spoiler information will be immediately undone. Repeated additions of spoiler material will result in warnings and possibly a block if the warnings are ignored. When referring to One Piece"spoilers" can have one of two meanings. The term can refer to plot points that a reader who is not up to date with the series does not know about. This wiki keeps up to date with the series, and covers every plot point from the beginning to the present.

Generally, we do not hide spoilers or have special markings for them on articles, so if you are not caught up with the series and do not want to be spoiled, you should browse this site with caution. These rules cover the other definition of spoilers, which refers to information about plot points before they are officially released.

One Piece chapters are officially released in physical and digital formats in Japan on most Mondays of the year. However, the physical copies of Shonen Jump magazine, where One Piece is serialized, are delivered to stores days before Monday. As a result, some stores may start selling the magazines before Monday, or a store or distribution worker may steal a magazine copy when they are being transported, even though both of those actions are illegal.

Alternatively, people have also been able to acquire the Chinese and Korean versions of chapters early through the same methods. Once someone acquires the magazine early, they may post a small amount of information about the chapter online such as a chapter summary and a few scanned panels.

Among the fandom, this is what "spoilers" typically refers to.

One Piece Chapter 978 Delayed, New Release Date, Spoilers

Certain groups who acquire early copies and scans of the chapter then create scanlationsin which they digitally replace the Japanese text with an English translation before releasing the translated chapter pages online. The quality of scanlations varies wildly, with better quality groups working to clean the scanned pages and using reputable translators while worse groups may release very rough-looking scans with bad translations that may not be complete.

Typically, the better translators get their scans to translate from the original Japanese chapter, while worse groups tend to translate from the Chinese and Korean versions, resulting in less accurate translations. Originally, Viz chapters were only distributed to English-speaking locations, primarily North America and the United Kingdom. Viz began publishing One Piece in magazines and volumes instarting from the beginning of the series.

Inthey ceased physical publishing and solely published chapters on their digital magazine.Chapter of One Piece manga came out earlier and it was wholesome. It was stunning how Oda perfectly fit so much in one chapter without it feels overbearing. Fans must have loved that scene where everyone was beating up the enemies while Nami, Usopp, and Chopper still hiding in the ship looking scared.

This chapter was really interesting and now fans are anxious for the upcoming installment of One Piece manga. Therefore, in this post, we are going to predict the events of One Piece Chapter and discuss the official sources to read One Piece online.

Before moving forward let me tell you this post holds spoilers for the next chapter so proceed with caution. The crew was really great in their support of Killer.

The laugh becoming their new battle cry is so wholesome and it is always nice to see these sorts of moments from Captain Kidd. It was so great to see all the Mugiwara members together on a single page and this is one of the most heartwarming panels. Eiichiro Oda displayed the strengths of the Mugiwara crew so beautifully. But, the one thing that made fans excited in this chapter was to know that Kaido has a son.

However, it might be possible that he has been written as a reflection of Momonosuke. Kaido has a Son! This is one of the perks of Oda keeping Kaido shrouded in mystery so long.

The more that is revealed about him the more interesting he becomes. Four members of the flying six are still unknown, only 2 of them are revealed up to now. Fans are looking forward to the reveal of these members. The Tobi Roppo or the Flying Six look like they will be pretty formidable. Maybe this can be set as a surprisingly emotional weakness of Kaido, who defeated Oden by abusing of his paternal instincts.

Wano arc is built trying to create a clear symmetry between the two sides of the conflict: each side has a traitor, an alliance and, with this last chapter, an heir. There are so many directions Oda could go with his character. We have to wait for One Piece to know more information regarding the son of Yonko Kaido. If you have any theories regarding this you can comment below and let us know. The Raw Scans usually releases online days before the official release date.

The leaks will be updated here once release online. Due to the current pandemic, a lot of things had to be canceled. Hopefully, it looks like we can still get One Piece manga chapters after the break coming next week. Currently, chapter will release 2 weeks from now, but because of the COVID situation at Jump, the release schedule can change at any time. So, what do you guys think the tragedy will be? Is someone going to die?

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Let us know in the comment section. Praveen is a passionate blog writer for Anime, Movie News and Spoilers. He is an anime fan.


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